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burn this tv show to the ground

burn d&d to the ground

this is too fucking much this is too much

"The young actress had, meanwhile, been assured by the director that the scene would be “choreographed like a ballet” and would be “beautiful.”



"it’s fine she loves that sort of thing"




  • redhead girl: karen gillian
  • boy with black hair: logan lerman
  • black boy: michael b. jordan
  • moody/mysterious girl: kaya scodelario
  • blonde girl: jennifer lawrence
  • other blonde girl: dianna agron
  • ditzy girl: ariana grande
  • latina girl: naya rivera
  • free card: dylan o’brien

god look at all this good fancasting

"people have diabetes you’re not the only one"
“okay but when was the last time you saw a diabetic actor or actress and they talked about it openly or even a character accurately played with jdb for example [trying to explain how alone I feel at times idk]”
“wow Sabrina people don’t have to point it out with like a giant red button how do you know there aren’t any”

we either just don’t exist or I’m clearly not looking hard enough *~~my

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When people see me, I’m on the red carpet, perfectly dressed and styled, after two hours of hair and makeup. I’m putting on a show. So when I explain that I have moments when I feel dark or insecure, I understand how it might not really ring true, because there’s this weird double-life thing I have going on.